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"Therefore, take ye unto you the armor of God, that you may be able to resist in the evil day and to stand in all things perfect" (Ephesians 6:13)


Maintaining a disciplined and fruitful prayer life is the fundamental building block of one's sanctification. It also happens to be difficult to sustain while working the shift work that cops do. Members at all levels of the Patrolman's Fraternity commit to a baseline order of prayer for themselves, the living, and the dead to ensure their spiritual life is always marching forward, and not sliding backwards to sin and death.


"Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and so enter into His glory?" (Luke 24:26). Cops are no strangers to trial, tribulation, and suffering of all kinds. The men of the Patrolman's Fraternity embrace it and don't complain about it or run from it. We dedicate ourselves to a certain regime of fasting and physical discipline in imitation of our Divine Lord, and make special effort to be at the foot of the Cross for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the traditional rite of our fathers.


The world is rapidly descending into chaos and disorder as a result of sin and disobedience to God and His Church. If we are to defend our families and communities from the worst of this collapse, we need brothers-in-arms with which we can collaborate against the enemies of God. The Patrolman's Fraternity is committed to laboring for the conversion of the country's policemen and making them true soldiers of Jesus Christ, not pawns in the camp of the prince of this world.

then Conquest

For many, the last few years have been tumultuous, chaotic, and difficult. This is due in large part to the accelerating disintegration of our society and the resulting instability. Cops and their families have not been spared in these unfortunate circumstances. Worse, we have borne the brunt of it.

We've dealt with the riots and lawlessness first hand. It's our safety that gets compromised when criminals are emboldened by soft, indulgent punishments (if you can even call them that). It's our jobs that have been subjected to the most insane restrictions and close scrutiny, making many of us question whether or not we will get to keep our livelihood if we get caught on camera doing what only a few short years ago was considered a "good job", and which in reality is a good job. We've been told we are racist and too aggressive, but when it comes to vaccine mandates, the prevailing sentiment from politically motivated bosses is that we ought to show no mercy in enforcing them. And God forbid we refuse to take the jab ourselves...

What about our quality of life aside from work? Again, it fares worse than the general public. The rates of divorce, of suicide, of substance abuse are well-known to be unacceptably high in the police community. Overall morale and espirit d'corps, is unacceptably low.

Take all of this and combine it with the raging culture wars in these United States and the reigning moral confusion and it doesn't take a genius to figure out it's a recipe for disaster. This has all been decades, if not centuries, in the making. Most of us abhor what's been going on, but feel basically helpless to stop it. Hence the near ubiquitous issues of unmotivated cops afraid to do their duty, mass retirements, and the go-along-to-get-along complacent mentality at all levels. "The Job" is in need of a solution, and fast. That solution is not easy, but it is simple.

Sanctification, then Conquest.

The cold, hard truth is that these ills have fallen upon us and our country because of sin. They are the punishments of a just God laid upon His people for our apostasy from Him and rebellion against His Catholic Church. But, if we repent and turn back to Him, He will deliver us from the hand of our enemies and heal our land, as He has promised. Perhaps the greatest difficulty to overcome is that this message is not preached from the pulpits at the vast majority of Masses our brethren attend. 

We are under no illusions; many of our brethren probably do not attend Mass at all and no longer live a life with the sacraments, despite many of them being baptized Catholics. This, to at least some degree, is because of their perception of the Catholic Church and her doctrines. Instead of the above, what has been preached from many pulpits in Catholic Churches is an emasculated, deracinated, soft, effeminate Catholicism that only knows good feelings, the false gospel of "just be nice", and a moral code that always finds an excuse and a way out. This is not the Catholicism of our forefathers, and it is not the true gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Enter the Patrolman's Fraternity of St. Michael.

Sanctification, then Conquest.

This Fraternity was founded to re-introduce Catholic men in law enforcement to their true identity and purpose: to be soldiers of Jesus Christ. If any of the above is to change for the better, we don't just need a lot of really good cops-- we need really good cops who are saints. We believe this can be achieved by devoting ourselves to the three pillars of the Fraternity: Prayer, Sacrifice, and Apostolate.

Prayer: Real Men pray. It's not just for little old ladies in the back pews. Maintaining a disciplined prayer life is hard, but it forges men of steel by drawing down the grace of God (defined as light given to the mind and strength given to the will to do good) so that we live virtuous lives amidst the many trials of our profession. God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. Until we humble ourselves and pray, we will not be given the grace to be men of virtue who righteously administer God's justice. How can we expect to be rewarded with victory over the current wickedness if we are still sinning ourselves? We commit to a disciplined prayer life drawing on the ancient traditions of the Church and the writings of her saints.

Sacrifice: While prayer helps purify us by attaching us to God, sacrifice helps purify us by detaching us from this world. Cops make all kinds of sacrifices every day. But how many are offered to God to make satisfaction for sin, or to obtain some grace for ourselves or others? Every sacrifice made to God while we are united to Christ by being in a state of grace is our own personal participation in the Passion. Seen in this light, every aspect of our jobs and lives is sanctified and for a purpose. By embracing the Cross, we need not be discouraged and demoralized as so many of our brethren are because of the current situation. Rather, every suffering is an opportunity for giving glory to God, advancing in virtue, and righting the course of the country and our profession. The ultimate sacrifice which both attaches us to God and detaches us from this world, is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, especially in its traditional form. We commit to a regime of fasting and physical discipline, as well as attendance at Holy Mass in the rite of our forebears.

Apostolate: Prayer and sacrifice help train us for the spiritual warfare of winning souls for Christ-- Apostolate. If our beloved America is to be saved from the evils that threaten her, she needs men in our profession especially to be on God's side, not Satan's. By prayer and sacrifice, we can merit the grace needed for our brethren to be converted from their sins and start leading virtuous Catholic lives; liberating them from the camp of the devil and bringing them into the camp of Christ. By laboring for conversions as the Apostles did, God uses us as instruments in applying that grace. We commit to constantly strive to bring more cops into the fold, remind them of their duties to Almighty God, and show them the peace and strength that only the Lord can give, through both word and example.

Thus the Fraternity's Mission is both temporal and spiritual. Above all, our interest is the sanctification of our members and getting the souls of cops (and our families and faithful departed) to heaven. As a derivative, or necessary fruit of this process, we wish to influence our country for the better and advance the Kingship of Jesus Christ over our laws, our culture, our profession, and all of society. 

Sanctification, then Conquest.

This, in short, is our mission. We hope you decide to take up your Cross and join us.

Sancte Michael, ora pro nobis.


Our country cannot long survive its current state. Our laws and culture are drifting further and further away from God at an accelerating pace; this is why we face the problems that we do, especially in our profession. Listen to this sermon from a holy priest on the Feast of Christ the King in 2004 laying out the situation, and recall how much further things have gone since then. Men of God must arise, wielding natural and supernatural weapons against our true enemies, "for our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places" (Ephesians 6:12)

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