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"Grant me, O Lord my God, a mind to know Thee, a heart to seek Thee, wisdom to find Thee, conduct pleasing to Thee, faithful perseverance in waiting for Thee, and a hope of finally embracing Thee. Amen." -St. Thomas Aquinas

Resource Page

Below find various categories of resources meant to assist you in increasing your faith and growing in virtue, along with law enforcement career and skills development resources.

Catechism/ Moral Theology

Resources on various subjects:

Website to assist in recovering Catholic traditions and to help new converts:

Roman Catechism:

Prummer Moral Theology Handbook:

Where to attend the traditional Mass

- St. Michael the Archangel, Farmingville, NY

- St. Josaphat's, Bayside NY

- St. Cyril & Methodius Oratory, Bridgeport, CT

- Christ the King Church and Priory, Ridgefield, CT

- St. Anthony of Padua, North Caldwell, NJ

- Our Lady of Fatima Chapel (FSSP), Pequannock, NJ

- Shrine of Holy Innocents, New York, NY

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